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    Spiral Binding

    Spiral binding (also known as wire binding, coil binding, wiro binding and wire-o binding) is a very popular and cost-effective binding method. Spiral bound documents are bound like a notepad with a wire insert threaded through small holes punched in the margin of the document.

    What is Spiral Binding?

    Spiral binding is a binding type commonly used for a report or notebook, where a wire spiral is threaded through small holes punched into the pages of the document to fasten the pages together, along with the covers and sometimes an acetate outer cover. Doxdirect actually binds documents using wire binding, which is similar to spiral binding but rather than the wire being threaded through the pages like a coil, the pages are placed on a C-shaped wire spine which is then closed into a cylindrical shape to bind the document. This allows the pages to lie completely flat when the document is opened.


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